Individual, Marriage and Family therapy to address issues to include (but not limited to):

  • Marriage/Relationship Problems- Has your marriage become too difficult?    Marriage is hard work.  Counseling can help in several areas of a marriage.  Improve communication, regain trust, regain the spark back in your marriage, get to know each other again.  Learn effective ways to keep your marriage alive.
  • Depression- Feeling down? Do you feel life is not worth living? Loss of interest inactivities? These are all signs of depression. Counseling can help to deal with the depression that you are facing.
  • Low Self Esteem- Learn effective ways to improve your self esteem and be the best you can be.                                                          
  • Parenting Problems- Is parenting making you crazy?  Is it effecting your marriage?  Do you feel ineffective in your parenting role?  Discipline problems?  Find healthy and effective ways to deal with the difficulties of parenting.
  • Anxiety- Learn effective ways to deal with anxiety that may be hindering your life.
  • Suicidal Thoughts- Are you overwhelmed with thoughts of death and dying?  Is depression taking over?  There are other ways out.  Through counseling we can address your problems and find a better, more positive solution.  In case of emergency please call 911 or      National Suicide Hotline  1800-SUICIDE (784-2433)  or  1800-273-TALK(8255) 
  • Communication Issues- Learn effective ways to improve communication in your marriage, relationship, family, parenting, work. Watch your personal relationships   improve.
  • Assertiveness Training- Learn effective ways to assert yourself and be more effective with others.
  • Grief and Loss- Losing someone or something can be extremely painful.  Counseling can help to ease the pain.
  • Divorce- Ending a marriage? Having trouble coping with the divorce?  Are your children struggling?  Are you concerned with how your parenting will be effected due tothe divorce? Counseling can help ease the transition before, during and after a divorce.
  • Adjustment- Having trouble adjusting to recent changes in your life? Recent move, job change, recently married or have a child?  Change can be tough and it can sometimes leadto bigger problems.

Services and Fees

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Sessions  generally run 45-50 minutes in length.  My fee is $110 per session with a sliding scale based on income.

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.  All fees are due on the day that services are rendered.  If you need to cancel an appointment please cancel within 24 hours.  Appointments that are not cancelled within the 24 hour cancellation time will be charged a $50 fee.

 Counseling for individuals, families

and couples. Phone 760-522-0710